A diverse and inclusive workforce fosters innovation and collaboration, strategic imperatives in the 21st century. But despite decades of progress, Canadian women are still struggling to find true equality in the workplace in terms of opportunity, leadership and pay. This is a global phenomenon.

Research and consulting firm, Great Place to Work® (GPTW) conducts the world’s largest annual workplace survey; the results of which are featured every year as Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies (USA) and the Globe & Mail’s list of 100 Best Workplaces (Canada). Using data from this same global survey, GPTW publishes similar lists in 45 countries on six continents every year. The study represents over 10 million employees’ voices.

Survey data suggests an ongoing dichotomy in the working experience between men and women worldwide. However, it is also clear that efforts at the Best Workplaces to mitigate this issue are having a positive (and measurable) impact.

Below, the GPTW® share more information about the specific steps these leading companies are taking to level the playing field and eliminate the stereotypes and subtle, systemic inequities facing women in the workplace.

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