Glen Murphy<br /> Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs<br /> J&amp;J Canada

Glen Murphy
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs
J&J Canada

Glen Murphy can’t remember a day when fitness and sport was not part of his weekly routine. “I grew up in an active family”, says Glen, who played every sport going throughout his childhood. He started playing hockey at the age of four and still plays once a week in a pick-up game. His passion for the sport has now spread to his daughters who at 8 and 12 both play in competitive leagues in Aurora.  Glen looks forward to the weekend when he coaches his twelve year old’s hockey team.

For Glen, keeping fit is not a chore. He recognizes how much it contributes to his energy level and overall sense of balance. He and his wife are both passionate about fitness; she enjoys CrossFit, and they are committed to being role models for their girls. They also enjoy active holidays and canoeing and kayaking at their cottage in the summers.

Glen is motivated to be on top of his game for hockey and to set an example both at work and at home. He feels better physically and mentally when he commits to fitness 2-3 times per week whether he is doing a cardio workout on his elliptical cross trainer at home or doing weights at the Energy Zone, J&J’s on-site fitness centre.

Glen is a 14 year veteran at J&J. As Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, he works from the Consumer Group’s Head Office in Markham, Glen values J&J’s investment in employee health and wellness.

J&J’s Live for Life Program is aligned with their corporate mission; helping people live healthier lives. J&J promotes a flexible work schedule and employees are encouraged to work out in the Energy Zone, complete with a full complement of cardio and strength training equipment. Up to 475 employees including their remote employees have access to the facility free of charge. The program is professionally managed by Tri Fit’s Fitness and Wellness consultant who oversees the gym, manages a group exercise schedule of 12 classes per week and coordinates a range of health and wellness programs including stretch breaks, health fairs, one on one coaching and community walk/run events. Seasonal campaigns and fitness and weight loss challenges promote healthy competition and fun.

Glen says he is in good company buoyed by an entire Leadership Team committed to fitness and health. Johnson & Johnson’s global CEO is an avid runner and the local Leadership team all make a point of keeping their various wellness programs highly visible. Other ways they support employee health include, EAP, an on-site massage service, a cafeteria featuring healthy choices and a farmer’s market. Remote employees have access to a fitness club subsidy. J&J also sponsors a two day North American hockey tournament with men’s and women’s divisions that is hugely popular.

Glen’s advice to other organizations is to “start slow and methodically. Look for ways to align wellness with your business strategies, find out what employees want, and identify program champions.
A focus on enhanced daily well-being can result in substantial benefits including increased productivity, higher energy levels and a greater ability to thrive at work.”