Carol Lynde: President and COO, Bridgehouse Asset Managers and members of her team at WaterPark Athetics

Carol Lynde (right of centre): President and COO, Bridgehouse Asset Managers and members of her team at WaterPark Athetics

Carol Lynde knows what it means to lead the charge in the investment industry having built a mutual fund firm for Brandes Investment Partners from the ground up in 2002 with a small team of colleagues. Together they have created a strong foothold in the investment fund sector and are an award winning workplace.

A successful entrepreneur and mother of three young women in their ‘20’s, Carol always seems to have energy to burn. Just as she does with her investment strategy, Carol takes a long term view of her health. She believes that the time she puts in now will pay dividends down the road. “I aspire to be a Wellderly one day”, says Carol. “With any luck I will be like my mother, who at the age of 84 is in excellent health, and never stops moving”.

Carol makes daily physical activity a priority and enjoys a variety of activities to keep things fun and interesting. Weekdays, she starts her day at 7:15 at WaterPark Athletics, Oxford Property’s exclusive tenant fitness club at the foot of Bay Street, where Bridgehouse is a tenant. Two days a week she works out with a personal trainer for strength training and the other days she does a spin class or her own work out. “If I don’t start my day that way, I’m out of sorts”, says Carol. “It relaxes me and settles me down”.

On weekends Carol enjoys running or Yoga at a studio near home, and on Sundays she and her husband John enjoy a 9 mile walk. “It keeps us connected as we walk and talk”, she says. “When all else fails”, says Carol, “we can always resort to the treadmill in the basement”.

Carol has always been active and took to swimming, life guarding, teaching swimming and cross country running in her youth. She continued to run throughout her 20’s and 30s and started running marathons in her 40’s traveling to Rome, Dublin and New York City with Team Diabetes. Carol always enjoys having a fitness and fund raising goal.

As a Senior Executive at Trimark Investments in the ‘90’s, Carol was instrumental in developing their corporate fitness centre when they moved their head office to North York in 1998. “We wanted a perk for employees who were reluctant to move out of the downtown core. “It was a huge win for the firm”, says Carol, “and really helped to bring the team together. The Energy Zone, is still going strong today.

“I am a professed fitness junkie, confesses Carol, who loves to read about fitness and nutrition in her spare time. One of her favourite gifts for friends and family are Fit Bit’s and she is hooked on tracking her progress.

Carol looks for every opportunity to encourage her team to keep active as well. Bridgehouse foots the bill for memberships to WaterPark Athletics and a lot of the team are members. “We are a great support for one another and we also sponsor soccer and baseball teams at work that are very popular. Our industry is competitive in nature and the sports teams fuel our competitive spirit”, says Carol.

“My advice to other corporate leaders”, says Carol, “is to ‘walk the walk’. When others see you taking time from your busy schedule, they feel enabled to do the same. It is also important to give people flexibility in their day to fit it in”.

“Not only is promoting fitness and wellness good for our employees”, says Carol, “it is good for business. As health care costs continue to rise we must ‘control the controllable.’ Being proactive about our health is one thing we do have control over and it is a shared responsibility”.

Carol is looking ahead to what’s next on her wellness journey. “I am trying to learn meditation and mindfulness”, says Carol, “which is difficult when “stillness is not what I am known for”, she laughs. She is also hoping to bring more wellness education into the office to keep health and well-being on everyone’s radar. “Wellness is aligned with our corporate values”, she says, “and resonates with our business. At Bridgehouse, health is wealth”!